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"Perhaps the chief requirement of [the conductor] is that he be humble before the composer; that he never interpose himself between the music and the audience; that all his efforts, however strenuous or glamorous, be made in the service of the composer's meaning - the music itself, which, after all, is the whole reason for the conductor's existence." - Leonard Bernstein

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This post brings be back a memory of when we had the 5 Front Row Left Center founders seats at Segerstrom Hall at South Coast Plaza, Balboa California. Next to us was an elderly lady and her daughter who was a doctor. We knew them from three years of attending the productions about 6 times a year. For some reason during this show the conductor decided to stand with his head above The orchestra pit wall partially blocking the stage. This happened to be directly in front of this elderly lady. She leaned over to me before the show started and asked if I would ask the conductor if he would step down out of the way. I did so and he rather rudely told me I was not important enough to ask him to do such. I sat back down and relayed the information to the lady and offered to trade seats. She asked if I would step out and ask the maƮtre d' if he would speak with her moment. I did, and then returned to my seat. Three people flew in begging pardon as they crossed in front of us and spoke to her. They flew back out just as fast. A few moments later there was a flurry down in the orchestra pit, the conductor was looking down and flicking his hands around, then he stepped down and we never saw him again. I knew the lady next to me was a founder as well and donated to the ballet part of this particular theater. What I didn't know is that she donated several million dollars a year to the theater and she evidently was important enough to have him removed.


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